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How to Hire the Best Employees

Nov 17

Hiring employees is a key ingredient for the success of any business. Studies show that 70% of new hires either quit or get fired within their first 18 months with an organization, further deepening the estimation that companies lose $30,000 every time they hire the wrong person.

While many managers and company owners see it fit to take their chances when hiring fresh graduates and applicants straight out of school without experience, statistics continue to prove otherwise: these applicants do not have enough work experience and knowledge needed to be effective in their roles —a view shared by human resources experts who agree that senior professionals are often more dependable than young job seekers.

This goes to show how important recruitment and selection processes are in aiding organizations achieve maximum potential in terms of top-notch employees.

In line with this, here are a few tips for hiring the right people:

A company should have a clear vision and a set of goals before looking for potential employees to hire so as to better understand what is being looked for in terms of talent and skillset. Understanding these basics will help managers come up with very specific job descriptions that applicants can review and base their motivation on. When there is no clear indication of what an applicant should offer or provide, it only becomes easier to find themselves confused and demotivated at work; something which can ultimately lead them down the path of quitting.

When writing job descriptions, it also becomes necessary to make sure that they are not too long or boring: a list of responsibilities and a simple explanation on how the applicant can benefit from joining the company is all that's needed.

In terms of the interview process, it's crucial to make sure that it is as comprehensive as possible, including multiple interviews with both staff workers and applicants. This enables managers to figure out which applicants are more motivated and determined, further reducing the chances of making hiring mistakes.

It also becomes necessary to see if hires display a good work ethic, good attitude towards co-workers, and ability to take direction well, and show up for work on time. Furthermore, individuals who may lack certain skills or qualifications should be given a chance to learn these skills during their first few months at work so as to increase their chances of success in the future.

In order to give job applicants the best chance of succeeding at work, it also becomes necessary to provide them with on-the-job training that helps them get accustomed to the culture and environment around them. In companies where employees have a low retention rate, this may prove to be more difficult as it requires time and resources from managers; however, these steps become easier when there is a high employee motivation and engagement level within an organization.

One of the most effective ways in increasing productivity levels while adapting new hires into company life quickly is through mentorship programs. Asking senior staff members for advice allows management to gauge their opinions, enabling them to better understand whether or not applicants are fit for the position they're hiring for.