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The Top Garage Maintenance Tips

Dec 25

Perhaps you haven't given much thought to the maintenance of your garage door. However, regular maintenance can help you see issues, and help you avoid serious problems before they become serious. These are some ways to ensure the performance of your garage door.


Make sure you check the batteries in your remote door opener. If your door isn't fast in opening and closing, it may be that the batteries are dying. Examine your batteries every year, and replace them when necessary.


Lubrication is essential for garage doors that are moving. Use a petroleum based grease for all the metal components of your door which come into contact with one another such as rollers, springs, and hinges. For exterior PVC weatherstripping, the bottom of the weatherstripping, as well as any PVC weatherstripping inside the door's sections, you should make use of a silicone-based lubricant. If you need recommendations, speak to a commercial repair specialist.

Check the Lights

It is important to ensure that the bulbs that light your opener are working. Change them if they aren't. Make sure you replace your old bulb with the exact type.

Outdoor Lighting

The best garage tricks While checking the light bulbs in your garage door opener, it is important to check all outdoor lights. Clear any dust and cobwebs off the light bulbs. Check that there's nothing blocking the light. Make sure that any lighting that is activated by motion or noise are functioning properly, and verify the sensors also.

Security Test

A safety reversal system is installed on garage doors to stop accidents. Doors made post 1993 the two systems that can be used. First is the mechanical system. Put a piece of wood under the garage door and lower it. If the wood is placed on the door, it will instantly reopen. If it does not, you should get a repair professional to come to examine the door. The photoelectric system is another system. If the door is closing, put your foot in front of one of the sensors. They are located at both ends of the door, and approximately 4 inches off the floor. The sensor should see your movement and the door will stop and then open. If it doesn't the repair specialist will need to be called.

Most people complete their maintenance in fall prior to the cold weather. But depending on the location you live in, you might choose to do it any moment of the year. It is important to remember is to perform these tasks on an annual basis. Garage door experts can help you fix minor problems before they become big issues.

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