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These Exact 1:1 Super Clone Watches are the Best Replica Watches in the World

Dec 30

Most Accurate 1:1 Super Clone Replica Watches in the World

These Exact 1:1 Super Clone Watches are the Best Replica Watches in the World


Being a Swiss watch enthusiast myself, a few days back I was doing research on 1:1 super clone watches and the facts that I found out about the replica watches industry blew my mind. I saw many replica watches websites which were offering to sell high quality replica watches and they were also claiming that these are the best replica watches in the world which exactly matches an original Rolex or a Patek Philippe watch model. These replica watches websites state that their Rolex super clone watches or super clone watches of other brands like Patek Philippe or Richard Mille are made using the same quality of metal as the original is made of and they also had the same calibre hand made Swiss clone movement which is made to look and work like a real Swiss movement. When I was reading about all this I was thinking that there is no way that they can replicate a Rolex watch exactly 1:1 because being a Swiss watch collector myself, I understand how complicated the Swiss movements are and that it can cost a lot of money to manufacture automatic self-winding Swiss movements which can have complicated functions and 70 hour power reserves. Also if we talk about other brands like fake Patek Philippe watches, fake Audemars Piguet watches or fake Richard Mille watches, then cloning these brands can be more difficult than Rolex.


Rolex is a brand that has a simple yet classy design language and their watches are mostly made of stainless steel. But when it comes to a sportier brand, like for example, Richard Mille or Audemars Piguet, then things might get more complicated for replica watch factories as real Richard Mille and AP watches are made from precious metals like Gold or Platinum. Brands like Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet have also started using Carbon fibre to manufacture parts of their watches. All this can mean more research and development for these replica watch factories to do, which will require more money as well. So, at first I was not sure about how these replica watches websites were selling super clone watches which they claimed to be an exact 1:1 match with an original.


But then recently I saw one of my friends wearing a white dial Rolex Daytona watch, reference 116500LN, which is also known as the Rolex Daytona Panda as it has a white dial and black sub dials plus a black ceramic bezel, thus giving it a white and black look. I am myself after this watch from a long time but as you may know, to buy an original Rolex Daytona watch from a Rolex Authorised Dealer has got a lot difficult now. There are long waiting lists at Rolex showrooms and if you want to buy from the grey market then you will have to pay insane premiums which makes the cost of the watch 3 to 4 times more than that of its retail price from a Rolex AD. This watch being one of my dream watches, I asked him to show me his watch. I wanted to feel that watch as I had never seen an original Rolex Daytona Panda. He handed it over to me and I felt like a small kid having my dream watch in my hands. It was looking stunning and I also wore it in my hand trying to get a feel of it and operated the stopwatch features of that watch. Pressing the top and bottom stopwatch pushers and watching the swift movement of the needles inside gave me immense pleasure. My friend on the other hand was looking at me with a smile on his face and something didn’t feel right from his expressions. Also, I was wondering all this while that if I cannot get the original of this Daytona watch then how come he got it. And that’s when he tells me, it is a 1:1 Rolex super clone. He told me that it is a fake Rolex watch of the highest quality and it was a 1:1 Rolex Daytona super clone with a calibre 4130 Swiss clone movement.


I was shocked listening to him as even after spending some time with that watch I cannot tell at all that it was a super clone Rolex watch. Moreover it felt and worked exactly the same way as a real Rolex Daytona would. It also had that Rolex oyster steel shine on the bracelet and felt the correct weight. Then I also opened up the back case to examine the movement it had inside and to my surprise, my friend was saying the truth all along. Yes it had a calibre 4130 movement installed inside that watch. This made me more mad as I cannot believe how this replica watch could be so good. He told me that he knew a guy named Sushant from India who has a website through which they sell the most accurate 1:1 super clone watches of many brands and they deliver to the USA too. He said that the name of this website is and they sell the best replica watches in the world according to them. So, what do you think I would do next? I straight away went to this website and started a conversation with Sushant, to ask him all the details about super clone watches and how he could deliver me Rolex super clone watches in the USA. He assured me that there is no problem in delivering the watch at my address in the US and it will just take 5 to 6 days for him to do so. Other than best Rolex replicas they were selling high quality 1:1 super clone watches of many brands, the most famous were:


  1. Patek Philippe Super Clone Watches
  2. Richard Mille Super Clone Watches
  3. Audemars Piguet Super Clone Watches
  4. Rolex Daytona Super Clone Watches
  5. Rolex Submariner Super Clone Watches
  6. Rolex Super Clone Watches in USA


Other than the Rolex Daytona super clone watches, some other in demand models which you cannot get easily in the original are also in my wish list to purchase in the future. Some of my favourites are the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 super clone, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 super clone watches, AP Royal Oak 15202 super clone, Richard Mille RM 11-03 super clone, RM 35-02 Rafa super clone, Patek Aquanaut super clone, Rolex Submariner super clone and some more too. I have already checked the photos and videos of these super clone watches and they seem pretty good to me. I cannot spot any differences between these super clone watches and their original counterparts.


Now, just to have a feel of a Rolex Daytona Panda on my wrist I ordered my first super clone watch from their website. My thought is that by the time I get a real Rolex Daytona, why not wear out this super clone Rolex instead. I paid around $ 900 USD for this Rolex Daytona super clone and it arrived to me in about 7 days from Mumbai, India to the USA. As soon as it arrived I noticed that it was all plastic sealed as if it was directly coming out from a luxury watch factory. And I have been using it since then and I must admit that I receive many compliments from my friends and coworkers at the office who see that on my wrist. Also, till this day, nobody is able to understand that it is a replica Rolex watch.


Also, I want to share that I still had my doubts about how these Rolex clone factories do this at such a low price. The original Rolex watches start from $ 10,000 USD and they go up to more than a million dollars for some limited edition models. On the other hand, these super clone watches are of a similar quality and they are in the range of $ 800 to $ 1000 USD only.  These 1:1 super clone Rolex watches really feel like an original and since I have been using it for quite some time, I noticed that what they are advertising is correct:


  • These super clone watches are made from high quality 904l stainless steel and this gives them the same shine and weight like original Rolex watches
  • The use of real ceramic for making bezels, or for that matter the use of correct dial colours and fonts to write the brand names is done very carefully to match the originals exactly 1:1
  • The use of the exact calibre Swiss clone movements is the main attraction here, which makes these super clone watches so similar to the real ones
  • Because of the different 1:1 Swiss clone movements used inside different watch models, the working functions of these super clone watches also match exactly with the originals
  • The Dimensions are also the same


And because of the above reasons, I do understand now that gone are the days when a fake Rolex watch meant that it is some crap sold on the streets of Bangkok or in China. These super clone watches which are being sold on websites like are truly some of the best replica watches in the world right now. These are the most accurate 1:1 super clone watches with power reserves of 70 hours just like the originals. In the end, I would like to say that after knowing all this about 1:1 super clone watches, I think it is a very good option to spend your money on. You do not have to worry about taking care of this super clone watch and you can travel with them freely all around the world without thinking much about insurance, custom duties, losing them etc.


Thank you for reading about my experiences with super clone watches and if you are also like me, who love Swiss watches but just cannot source the originals from the showroom then let me tell you, if you are thinking of buying super clone watches, you can well go ahead and you will not be disappointed. Just make sure that you find the right replica watches dealer and if they really send you the highest quality exact 1:1 Rolex super clone or a Patek Philippe super clone then you are going to fall in love with that watch. Also, please note that you have to ask them for the super clone quality of watches, not the AAA replica, Japanese replica or the other Swiss ETA movement qualities. Because, only the replica grade which they call ‘super clone watches’ are the most accurate and they are the best replica watches in the world.