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Roofing Most Common Problems

Oct 28

All of us have been there. Do not waste your time trying to fix serious roof problems.


A leak can cause serious damage to your home. Although it may seem unlikely that a leaky roof is the source of water, it can be. This is what happens if there is standing water or constant rain on the floors below. Look out for any signs or stains that might indicate mold growth. This could be a sign that there is a leak in another area. These leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent them from growing.

Poor Installation

Bad roof installation can cause potential problems. An expert can help like Cadillacs Roofing. Insulation is essential for a roof to function properly. Insulation is essential for roofs to last.


It is important to remove moss from your gutters immediately. Mix 50% chlorine bleach and water to remove moss from your gutters.


Blisters can be caused by heat buildup in your attic. Bad ventilation can also lead to blisters.

Broken Gutters

Guttering is an important part of your home's exterior. If you notice water damage, it is important to immediately address it. Rainwater can flow quickly through gutters without causing any damage to the exterior or interior. People wait until their gutters collapse to replace them. This can cause siding rot and erosion of landscaping at neighboring properties.


It is possible that the birds have built a nest on your roof. This can lead to serious damage.

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